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It’s too much of a cliché to say that we work hard and play hard at Paragus. We do work hard, sure. But it’s more accurate to say that we try to infuse genuine fun and excitement into every aspect of our work culture.

“Foster Fun” is one of the company values we have prominently displayed on our walls and it’s one of the most important. We believe that having fun and enjoying what you do every day builds community and brings a stronger sense of dedication and purpose to your work.

Basically it all comes down to making stuff happen. A big part of the work we do for our clients involves thinking creatively, making decisions and providing solutions. We take the same approach to everything we do. Somebody has a crazy idea to bring in “Nature Boy” Ric Flair for an event? Sure, let’s do it. Rent out the MassMutual Center and teach people the fine art of curling? Build a giant weathervane of our logo and put it on top of our office building? Let’s make it happen.

The culture we’ve developed at Paragus is why we enjoy working together so much. And we think it has a big effect on clients wanting to work with us.



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