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Is this a free service?

Yes. The service is 100% free for anyone who is experiencing a technical issue and seeking support. However, there is a fee for companies or consultants who wish to list their services.

Why do some of listed companies or consultants have a green “Verified Listing” status, while others have a “Not verified. Claim this listing!” status?

Technology Juice’s ultimate goal is to provide guaranteed and/or reliable technical support. We believe that the majority of the support being provided is currently unreliable and misleading, and we are looking to resolve these issues.

Verified Listing” means that we have vetted the company or consultant in order to guarantee that they meet a minimum set of requirements to ensure that you as a client are satisfied with the service.

Not verified. Claim this listing!” does not mean that the company or consultant is unreliable. However, it does mean that either we have not reached out to them or they have not reached out to us in order to complete the vetting process.

Why not just use Google or Yelp or the Yellow Page?

In our opinion, the computer repair field is oversaturated with unreliable, misleading technicians that cause the reliable ones to be seen in a negative light. Technology Juice is working to eliminate all of those doubts. We are 100% dedicated to connecting customers to vetted businesses strictly for technical support or maintenance purposes. This ranges from general computer issues to home automation to smartphone repairs.