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I.T. Consulting

Solving Your Day-to-Day Problems

Slow computers? Unable to access servers? Spotty wireless? Experiencing unknown, sporadic network problems?

This service focuses on advising organizations about the I.T. services available to them. In addition to providing advice and making recommendations, the service also assists with planning, deploying and implementing new I.T. services. We provide on-site consulting at your office, as well as remote support. Whether we advise on a direction or you provide one for your I.T. environment, we can provide the service to make it a reality.

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Project Management

Realizing Your Long-Term Goals

Looking to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Suite? Need a complex solution researched and implemented?

We assist organizations in doing the right technical projects—those with strategic alignment that make the best use of your time, talent, and budget—and doing them right. We strive to keep your organization's most technical projects on time and on budget, to keep your employees learning and focused, and we partner with our clients to provide mission-critical project management consulting services.

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Web Presence

Attention = Revenue

Are clients asking about your website? Want to update your clients via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, other?

The process of building a web presence does not happen overnight and it requires a well thought strategy and investment in terms of time. Ready for it? Lets see how we can create online presence for your business with minimum efforts. Whatever business you are running, having an effective and targeted web presence is essential for your success. Whether your business is small and local or a corporate giant, whether it sells goods and services online or in the physical world, maintaining and controlling a strong, focused and relevant web presence is crucial.

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Guidance Before the Sale

It is not about making a dollar. The goal is to provide the most suitable solution for the situation, and ensure customer satisfaction.